Stage I: Waking Up


Welcome to the mini course A Radical Transformation: Dante, The Wound, & The Contemplative Journey based on Marc's acclaimed book Dante's Road: The Journey Home For The Modern Soul. You'll get a reminder to your inbox when each of the subsequent lectures opens up over the next three days, so be sure to check your additional folders if you don't see it or simply log back into the course page after 12 PM.

We sincerely hope you experience an inner movement through engaging with this course and look forward to seeing you in the coming days!

Pay special attention to lecture four on The Upward Gaze for some bonus content and giveaways.

Additional Resource:

For a deep dive into the poem and its literary aspects, here is an excellent free Open Yale Course on Dante's Divine Comedy by renowned professor Guiseppe Mazzotta. And here is a link to the podcast version to listen on the go.

Reflection Questions:

1. What were some of the darker periods in your own life? How did they affect you practically, psychologically, spiritually? What defenses have you built up as a result of those experiences?

2. Describe the ideal state of life that you wish you consistently had, whether it’s something you’ve already tasted or something you have yet to experience?

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